Netprep Solutions your leading IT Service Provider

About Us

Netprep Solutions is a leading supplier of IT Training and Services.

With Headquarters in Sydney Australia, and training facilities in Melbourne and Brisbane, Netprep is celebrating eight years of high-quality service provision. We started in 1997 providing training services, and since then have developed our portfolio to include testing and certification, networking and IT Professional Services, software development, web hosting and Turnkey e-commerce solutions.

During these seven years, we have established many strong business partnerships. We've established partnerships with leading vendors including Microsoft, Citrix and Cisco, and Testing partners Thomson Prometric and Pearson Vue. Our new partnerships include Comptia, Planet 3, Ascendent and Bradford Learning.

A large number of our courses at Netprep are vendor or VETAB certified, which means that they are accredited and often recognised for credit towards TAFE and University courses. Our people make the difference at Netprep. We employ practicing professionals as our instructors - people who can demonstrate the theory they teach.

We are constantly exploring new technologies that will help our customers achieve more, save money and expand boundaries. We are currently working with development partners on complementary thin-client technologies, and the provision of high-quality data-centre peripherals.

Internet Services
Our newly developed web hosting and development services are making good progress. Our proprietary content management systems are a value added hosting service that allow our customers to maintain their websites, on our servers, quickly and easily... with a minimum of technical fuss. We forsee this as a significant growth area for our business.

Professional Services 
Netprep Solutions have significant experience across the Information Technology sector, in integration, development, security, desktop services and system configuration. Netprep's customers include Taronga Zoo and the NSW Rural Fire Service.

We have built our business on a strong foundation of quality services, excellent customer service and partnership with our customers. Whatever your requirement, we look forward to extending our hand in partnership as we help you achieve your goals.